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Green screen video studio rental in Montreal

We have an in-house. greenscreen studio available for rental

Our video studio is ideal for green screen and chromakey production
We offer you a comprehensive full video service facility
We have the ability to handle a variety of video  productions

Green screen studio for video production such as advertising,corporate video,E learnig,interviews,music videos in montreal

Video production studio rental in Montreal

Our green screen video production studio is ideal for
for the production of video clips, corporate videos, ads 

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Our Montreal shooting stage is available for rental. The soundstage

is a great space for all your video production needs and includes a on site inventory of video production equipment available for rental that includes grip equipment, audio equipment, cameras and lighting fixtures. Directly on site you will find a kitchen space,green room with 2 make up stations,and a support room.The cyclorama can be painted white to accommodate photo shoots.

We have a fibre optic and Wi-Fi internet connection and we can stream the camera feeds to clients who cannot physically be on site so that they can give their input.

We can hook up the cameras to compositing  software and a switcher so that you can chromakey the footage to have a pre-visualization of the final results to adjust camera angles and lighting . We also have editing suites to check the final results and handle your data wrangling.

The production space is located on the ground floor and is directly accessible from our private parking A 14 foot garage door directly in the shooting space makes the load in  and load out of production equipment and sets easy.

Looking for a great video studio to shoot your next video project ?

Look no further than our studio! Our versatile and adaptable shooting studio is perfect for productions that require a corner cyclorama

The studio is ideal for green screen  and visual effects

We also offer in house equipment rental so you can get the most out of your shoot.

Looking for a great video studio to shoot your next video clip 

Contact us so we  can answer all your questions


We have all the tools to make your video production a success

We own 4K cameras, lighting, audioteleprompters, and have in-house post production capabilities for video editing and we also have an audio post-production studio for voice over recording ,music and mixing .We also have an in-house. studio available for rental

Technical Specifications

- Corner Cyclorama
- 20'P x 22'W x 18'H

- 2500 square feet

- Smooth concrete floor

- 18-foot ceiling

- Grid to 16 feet

- Electrical input  200 amps single-phase

- Green Room

- Wifi Internet

- Direct access to the studio



The cyclorama is usually green.

However, it is possible to paint it in the desired colour.

The paint and the painter are at the expense of the incoming user.
You can hire your own painter.

Paint the cyclo completely
6  gallons.

Paint the floor only
Only 1.5 gallons

Water-based paint: 4 h  

Green screen shoot for music video in our montreal studio
studio rental for video production in montreal
Studio rental in montreal foradvertising corporate video product demonstation tv on green screen

Grip and lighting

–  2 Space light 5k

–  2 Open face 2k

–  4 Fresnel 1k

–  4 Open face 1k

–  2 Fresnel 650

–  2 Zip 2k

–  1 Fresnel 150 (peper)

– 8 Kino 4 foot 4 tubes

–  2 Diva light 400

–  12 Led panel

–  2 frame 4×4

–  1x8x8

–  4 pipe adaptor

–  15 C stand

–  10 Sound blankets

–  18 Apple boxes

–  30 sand bags

–  3 Ladders (18′, 12′, 6′ )

–  5 roller stand 750

–  2 joy to joy 50 feet

–  2 joy to joy 25 feet

–  6 joy à U-ground

– 20 extensions U-ground

–  8 flag,  6 silks

–  1 mini Jib

–  1 Turn table

–  12 Pentographes

–   1  client monitor 55 inch

 –  4 Roller stand 2k

–  1 Skate dolly

–  10  Mafer clamp

–  4 aluminium pipes

–  4 sheets of  Sonex

–  4 Foam Core

–  1  PA for audio playback

interview on green screen background

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Green screen FAQ

Q: What is green screen production?

A: Green screen production is a technique used in video and film production to replace the background of a scene with a digitally generated or pre-recorded background.

Q: How does green screen production work?

A: Green screen production involves filming a subject in front of a green screen background, which is later replaced with a different background during post-production using special software and techniques.

Q: What are the benefits of using green screen production?

A: Green screen production offers many benefits, including the ability to shoot scenes that would be difficult or impossible to film otherwise, the ability to control lighting and other elements of the scene, and the ability to save time and money on location shooting.

Q: What equipment is needed for green screen production?


A: To create a green screen production, you will need a green screen backdrop, proper lighting, a camera capable of shooting high-quality video, and software for compositing and editing the footage.

Q: What is chroma keying?


A: Chroma keying is the process of using a single color (usually green or blue) as a transparent background in a video or photo, allowing the addition of other images or videos to the scene.

Q: What are some tips for shooting green screen footage?


A: Some tips for shooting green screen footage include using even lighting across the green screen, avoiding reflective surfaces that can cause hotspots or shadows, and ensuring that the subject is positioned at the appropriate distance from the screen.

Q: What software is used for green screen production?


A: There are many software options for green screen production, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects.

Q: How do I edit green screen footage?

A: To edit green screen footage, you will need to use a software program that supports chroma keying, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or After Effects. You will need to import the footage into the software, apply the chroma key effect, and then add the desired background or other effects.

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid in green screen production?


A: Some common mistakes to avoid in green screen production include using poorly lit or unevenly lit green screens, using reflective surfaces, having the subject wear clothing that is the same color as the green screen, and failing to properly align the subject with the background during post-production


Q: What are some examples of green screen production in film and television?


A: Some examples of green screen production in film and television include the Star Wars movies, where many of the special effects were created using green screen techniques, and the television show Game of Thrones, which used green screen extensively to create the many fantastical locations seen throughout the series.

If you're looking for a studio to use for your upcoming video production or webcasting project, Studioairms has just what you' need. Our Montréal space is equipped with all the top hardware, making it perfect for any type of project. Plus, our team of specialists can help guide clients in the right direction and adjust plans as needed. So whether you have specific needs or not -

We've got you covered!

Green screen training video
Green screen training video final result
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Color options for the cyclorama

The cyclorama is usually green, but it is possible to paint it in any color desired.

The paint and the painter are at the expense of the incoming user.

You can hire your own painter 

Painting the entire cyclorama requires 6  gallons of paint;
Painting the floor requires only 1.5 gallons of paint;
Drying a water-based paint takes about 4 hours;

Rosco_Chroma_Key_Paint_Blue_Gal_v2 - Cop

A few clients

Les clients copy.png
Private large wardrobe room with 2 make-up stations
Ironing Board/Iron
Clothing Racks
On site parking

If required we can supply video crews, HD cameras, teleprompter,
sound, grip and lighting equipment.

We have cameramen, producers, lighting and grip technicians and
on-camera talent to suit any type of production.
We offer you a comprehensive full service facility
We can supply

HD and 4K cameras

Sound proofed and sound treated to permit broadcast quality sound  It also includes  lighting (pre installed and balanced) to completely light the cyclorama and floor space.

Video production companies that want to offer their clients the best possible video quality need to consider both the video and audio aspects of their productions. To create broadcast quality video, it is essential to have a soundproofed and sound-treated production studio space. This ensures that extraneous noise will not be picked up by the microphones, resulting in a inferior video product. In addition, lighting is also an important factor in video quality. Good lighting can make a big difference in the overall look of the video, and it can also help to reduce video noise. By investing in a space that is equipped with both good sound and lighting, video production companies can create high-quality video products that will impress their clients.


2251 Papineau 

Montréal H2K 4J5

Why use a Green Screen

  1. Enhanced Video Production: A green screen allows you to shoot video footage without worrying about the background as it can be easily replaced with any other digital image or video.

  2. Green Screen Technology: Using green screen technology is a cost-effective and time-saving way of producing high-quality videos. It allows you to create professional-looking video content that stands out and captures your audience's attention.

  3. Special Effects: With a green screen, you can add special effects to your video, including animations, graphics, and 3D models. This can make your video more engaging and help to tell your story in a more creative way.

  4. Background Replacement: Green screen technology enables you to replace the background of your video with any other digital image or video, giving you more creative freedom to choose a location that is relevant to your content.

  5. Professional Look: Using a green screen can give your video a professional look that makes it stand out. This is especially important if you're creating content for your brand, as it can help to establish your credibility and authority in your industry.

  6. Customizable Backgrounds: Green screens offer a wide range of customizable backgrounds, from plain colors to complex landscapes, to match the theme of your video and enhance the visual appeal of your content.

  7. Cost-Effective: Using a green screen can save you money compared to location shooting. You can create different backgrounds for your video without incurring additional costs, making it an ideal option for content creators on a budget.

  8. Flexibility: With a green screen, you can shoot your video footage in any location, regardless of weather, time of day, or the availability of a suitable location. This gives you more flexibility to create content that matches your vision.

  9. Versatility: Green screens can be used in a variety of video types, from vlogs and YouTube videos to corporate training videos and product demos. It's a versatile tool that can enhance the quality of your video content in any industry.

  10. Creative Freedom: Using a green screen gives you more creative freedom to express your ideas and tell your story. You can experiment with different backgrounds and effects to create a video that's unique and stands out from the rest.

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