Green screen video studio rental in Montreal

We have an in-house. greenscreen studio available for rental

Our video studio is ideal for green screen and chromakey production
We offer you a comprehensive full video service facility
We have the ability to handle a variety of video  productions

Green screen studio for video production such as advertising,corporate video,E learnig,interviews,music videos in montreal

Video production studio rental in Montreal

Our green screen video production studio is ideal for
for the production of video clips, corporate videos, ads 


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Our Montreal shooting stage is available for rental. The soundstage

is a great space for all your video production needs and includes a on site inventory of video production equipment available for rental that includes grip equipment, audio equipment, cameras and lighting fixtures. Directly on site you will find a kitchen space,green room with 2 make up stations,and a support room.The cyclorama can be painted white to accommodate photo shoots.

We have a fibre optic and Wi-Fi internet connection and we can stream the camera feeds to clients who cannot physically be on site so that they can give their input.

We can hook up the cameras to compositing  software and a switcher so that you can chromakey the footage to have a pre-visualization of the final results to adjust camera angles and lighting . We also have editing suites to check the final results and handle your data wrangling.

The production space is located on the ground floor and is directly accessible from our private parking A 14 foot garage door directly in the shooting space makes the load in  and load out of production equipment and sets easy.

Looking for a great video studio to shoot your next video project ?

Look no further than our studio! Our versatile and adaptable shooting studio is perfect for productions that require a corner cyclorama

The studio is ideal for green screen  and visual effects

We also offer in house equipment rental so you can get the most out of your shoot.

Looking for a great video studio to shoot your next video clip 

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We have all the tools to make your video production a success

Technical Specifications

- Corner Cyclorama
- 20'P x 22'W x 18'H

- 2500 square feet

- Smooth concrete floor

- 18-foot ceiling

- Grid to 16 feet

- Electrical input  200 amps single-phase

- Green Room

- Wifi Internet

- Direct access to the studio



The cyclorama is usually green.

However, it is possible to paint it in the desired colour.

The paint and the painter are at the expense of the incoming user.
You can hire your own painter.

Paint the cyclo completely
6  gallons.

Paint the floor only
Only 1.5 gallons

Water-based paint: 4 h  

Green screen shoot for music video in our montreal studio
studio rental for video production in montreal
Studio rental in montreal foradvertising corporate video product demonstation tv on green screen

Grip and lighting

–  2 Space light 5k

–  2 Open face 2k

–  4 Fresnel 1k

–  4 Open face 1k

–  2 Fresnel 650

–  2 Zip 2k

–  1 Fresnel 150 (peper)

– 8 Kino 4 foot 4 tubes

–  2 Diva light 400

–  12 Led panel

–  2 frame 4×4

–  1x8x8

–  4 pipe adaptor

–  15 C stand

–  10 Sound blankets

–  18 Apple boxes

–  30 sand bags

–  3 Ladders (18′, 12′, 6′ )

–  5 roller stand 750

–  2 joy to joy 50 feet

–  2 joy to joy 25 feet

–  6 joy à U-ground

– 20 extensions U-ground

–  8 flag,  6 silks

–  1 mini Jib

–  1 Turn table

–  12 Pentographes

–   1  client monitor 55 inch

 –  4 Roller stand 2k

–  1 Skate dolly

–  10  Mafer clamp

–  4 aluminium pipes

–  4 sheets of  Sonex

–  4 Foam Core

–  1  PA for audio playback

interview on green screen background

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If you're looking for a studio to use for your upcoming video production or webcasting project, Studioairms has just what you' need. Our Montréal space is equipped with all the top hardware, making it perfect for any type of project. Plus, our team of specialists can help guide clients in the right direction and adjust plans as needed. So whether you have specific needs or not -

We've got you covered!

Green screen training video
Green screen training video final result

Color options for the cyclorama

The cyclorama is usually green, but it is possible to paint it in any color desired.

The paint and the painter are at the expense of the incoming user.

You can hire your own painter 

Painting the entire cyclorama requires 6  gallons of paint;
Painting the floor requires only 1.5 gallons of paint;
Drying a water-based paint takes about 4 hours;

Rosco_Chroma_Key_Paint_Blue_Gal_v2 - Cop

A few clients

Les clients copy.png
Private large wardrobe room with 2 make-up stations
Ironing Board/Iron
Clothing Racks
On site parking

If required we can supply video crews, HD cameras, teleprompter,
sound, grip and lighting equipment.

We have cameramen, producers, lighting and grip technicians and
on-camera talent to suit any type of production.
We offer you a comprehensive full service facility
We can supply

HD and 4K cameras

Sound proofed and sound treated to permit broadcast quality sound  It also includes  lighting (pre installed and balanced) to completely light the cyclorama and floor space.

Video production companies that want to offer their clients the best possible video quality need to consider both the video and audio aspects of their productions. To create broadcast quality video, it is essential to have a soundproofed and sound-treated production studio space. This ensures that extraneous noise will not be picked up by the microphones, resulting in a inferior video product. In addition, lighting is also an important factor in video quality. Good lighting can make a big difference in the overall look of the video, and it can also help to reduce video noise. By investing in a space that is equipped with both good sound and lighting, video production companies can create high-quality video products that will impress their clients.


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Montréal H2K 4J5

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